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Modern concrete is used for many different purposes, and therefore comes in many different forms. In this article, we’re going to take a concrete that is widely used within the construction industry today: fibre reinforced concrete.
The versatility of concrete means it can not only be used to create strong, reliable structures but aesthetically pleasing architecture too.
Concrete is the most used construction material worldwide but how did it come to be? In this article, we take a look at the early forms of concrete, mortar and cement.
Think concrete is boring? Think again. Believe It or not, this building material harbours some very interesting facts, we explore some here.
For everything you need to know about aggregates, from where they come from to which style to choose for your garden read on.
Aggregates can help to make your garden look more modern, neater and all round well put together. Read on to see how to give your garden a budget friendly boost with our aggregates.
Concrete: a versatile material, used for thousands of years throughout human history. By harbouring and processing naturally occurring material, we are able to create super-strong superstructures as well as beautiful sculptures and creative designs including the Hoover dam.
With 53,000 cubic yards of concrete and a height of 533 metres, we certainly think that the CN tower should be named one of the world's most marvellous concrete creations.
Dry silo mortar is a dry mortar mixture, contained and delivered in a silo. At the push of a button, the dry mixture is blended with water inside the silo, and as a result, new, ready to use mortar is produced whenever needed. There are many benefits to this method, and we want to share them with you.
Concrete is a versatile material. There are many types of concrete available, each for a multitude of uses. The use of concrete for flooring is typically seen in warehouses, factories and industrial buildings, but have you ever thought of installing concrete flooring in your home? 
Stay on trend this new year with these 4 landscaping trends that will be making an apperence. From colourful concrete to playful ornaments, make your garden the envy of your neighbours in 2018.
Concrete’s uses don’t have to be limited to grand scale designs and projects, concrete can be just as practical and stylish inside our homes. At Watts Mix, we are able to create a range of bespoke concrete products, and can provide you with all the material you need to get to work on your own concrete projects. Below we have created a list of used for concrete inside the home to inspire you into thinking outside the box!
While concrete is a superb material for creating large scale, impressive structures, brick buildings can be just as monumental.
Many brick buildings in Europe are also tourist destinations thanks to their beauty and the history behind them. In this article we take a Look at the Malbork Castle the largest brick building in Europe.
The terms mortar, cement and concrete are often used interchangeably when you hear people talking about building or construction, however any professional will be quick to tell you that each one is not only made up of a different formula, but also serves a different purpose.
At W Clifford Watts, we deliver our ready mix concrete throughout the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire area.
Choose Wattsmix Mortar Yorkshire – wide variety of mortar types delivered throughout the Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire area.
At wattsmix, we have an extensive range of coloured mortar. Coloured mortar allows architects to be even more creative within their designs, and builders to experiment with exciting and unique ideas. Whatever size and scale of a building project, coloured mortar can be incorporated. Coloured mortar can be used throughout an entire structure or used to highlight one area.
Whether you’re taking on a home project or overseeing the development something much larger, the right mortar is important.
From high rise buildings and industrial structures to countertops and even decorative accessories in the home, concrete is a material we’re all familiar with, and we see it everywhere. However, one thing many of us don’t know is exactly what goes into making this versatile and robust material.
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