What is Ready Mix Concrete?

Ready Mixed concrete (commonly abbreviated to RMC) is a specially formulated type of concrete that is delivered ready to use, meaning there is no measuring or mixing on site.

The ready mixed concrete is created at a concrete batching plant, in accordance with customer specifications. Then, it is transferred to site in a concrete mixer truck or 'transit mixer', or inside a mixing silo. Once the concrete arrives on site, it is then ready to use immediately.
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Ready mixed concrete is created with the objective of producing a better quality and consistent concrete as well as reducing the need for storage space of materials onsite. Ready mix is also desirable over other types of concrete as it helps to reduce project costs; ready mix means no need to hire out additional mixing equipment or spend valuable time measuring and mixing. Ready mix also helps to reduce material wastage.


Ready mixed concrete is comprised of three key ingredients: cement, water and aggregates however, most ready mixed formulas also include admixtures which help to adjust the properties of the concrete to meet certain job specifications. For example, some ready mixed concretes may contain synthetic or steel fibres to reinforce the concretes strength.

Most ready mixed concretes use Portland cement which is the most common type of cement. Portland cement refers to the type of cement, and contrary to popular belief it is not a brand name.

The quantities of each vital concrete ingredient will be adjusted to create the perfect mix for the customer. Some mixes may require more or less of each ingredient to adjust strength and workability. The coarseness and size of aggregates will be considered when adjusting the mix, as will the quantities of water and cement. Many batching plants are now computerised such as watts, to deliver accurate and consistent results. However, some may still operate on a manual basis.
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While there are endless mix possibilities, each mix falls within one of the three main types of ready mix: transit, shrink and central.

Transit ready mix involves loading the drum used in transport with all the pre-measured dry ingredients and water. The drum is then revolved at a high speed upon loading to create the mix and then continues rotating to keep the mix wet during transit. Once the readymix arrives to site, it may then be mixed at high speed once again to ensure a uniform product.

Shrink ready mix is measured and partially mixed at the batching plant or factory before it is loaded into a drum for transit. Once it is loaded into the drum, the product is mixed further during transit.

Central ready mix refers to the type of concrete that is measured and mixed completely before it is loaded into a transit mixer and delivered to the client.
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With all its advantages, you may think ready mixed concrete is a fairly modern concept, however its origin actually dates back as early as the 1900s. The precise history of ready mixed concrete is hard to pinpoint, with some sources stating its beginning as early as 1903. A German architect by the name of Jurgen Heinrich Magens was the first to patent the idea of ready mix in 1903 yet the transportation method was not developed until 1907. Heninrich used cooling and vibrating methods to prevent the concrete from setting, though some sources note that ready mix at this time was delivered using a horse drawn mixer, where the mix was turned using paddles, generated via the carts wheels.

Despite its early introduction, ready mix concrete didn't take off until the 1920s, where deliveries were made to tradespeople using motorised trucks, fitted with a rotating drum. Development of ready mixed trucks was hindered by the limited motor technology of the era. As technology developed however, better engines meant more viable delivery methods became widespread and the first UK ready mix concrete company set up in 1930. Because of improved transportation systems, ready-mix concrete became more frequently employed, assisting in meeting the increasing demand for concrete produced by the war.

In today's construction market, the use of ready mixed concrete is widespread. Construction workers all over the world use ready mix for its many advantages.
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Uses and Benefits

Ready mixed concrete is used for a variety of applications but typically it is a material used for small scale and domestic projects. Builders merchants and householders are the main market for ready mixed concrete.

Some Typical applications of ready mix include: domestic/industrial flooring and foundations, commercial projects, farming projects, domestic paving and driveways, public walkways and DIY projects.

Builders merchants and home DIYers will choose ready mixed concrete over other types of concrete for many reasons. Firstly, construction workers are not always able or even willing to mix concrete on site and ready mix provides an efficient option in these cases. Ready mix also reduces labour and time meaning construction workers can turn around projects quicker. In addition to a faster and more efficient work process, ready mix also means consistency. As the concrete is mixed and delivered to precise measurements this eliminates the capacity for human error and ensures the end product will be consistent throughout the project.
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Ready Mixed Concrete from Watts

Clifford Watts deliver ready mixed concrete throughout the Yorkshire area. Our ready mix is made at our own, computerized batching plant where we create a precise, consistent mix, tailored to your specific project demands. Created with builders merchants and homeowners in mind our aim is to create a high quality mix that meets project demands.

Choose Watts Ready Mix For:

• Domestic DIY projects
• Commercial construction projects
• Industrial construction projects
• Farming projects
• Foundations
• Interior flooring
• Exterior flooring
• Public walkways
• Domestic walkways and paths
• Driveways
• Paving
• Fences 
• Parking Structures
• Walls and Footings
• And much more!
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