Wattsmix is one of the U.K.’s largest independent suppliers of high performance mortars.

We understand the demands of construction sites, our dedicated mortar team can advise you on every aspect of mortar, from product selection and material management to supply route and health and safety

Our premium quality mortars are produced in house to meet and exceed the demands of the construction industry. The Wattsmix Mortar Department offers excellent technical and customer support. We can guide you on conformity to standards, in addition to advising on colours, strengths, special mix designs and brick and block options.

We have a proven track record of supplying consistently high quality factory produced mortar to all manner of clients from individual self-build customers to multi-national housebuilders.

At Wattsmix we understand mortar – call us to discuss your requirements today 01262 675383

Mortars & Screeds

Mortars & Screeds

coloured mortar
Create stunning effects with imaginative mortar from Wattsmix
dry silo mortar
Wattsmix Dry Silo Mortar offers far ranging benefits compared to traditional methods of producing and delivering mortar.
dry bagged mortar
Wattsmix high performance mortar packaged for your convenience
sand & cement screeds
Wattsmix offer a range of traditional sand and cement screeds to a variety of specifications.
cemfloor liquid screed
Wattsmix are approved suppliers of Cemfloor flowing screed system
ready to use mortar
Wattsmix versatile ready to use mortar can be used for all sizes of project from a simple home extension to a large scale development.