Wattsmix – Setting the standard

Wattsmix offer a broad spectrum of standard and proprietory mixes for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes, delivered direct to your location. From a modest driveway to a major wind farm development, our computerised batching plants blend quality assured readymix to your specific requirements. At the helm of Yorkshire’s concrete production, Wattsmix provides over 500 different specialised formulations ranging from self-levelling and early strength concrete mixes, to underwater and heat-resistant readymix.

We know the nature of every application varies. With a sound understanding of the concrete constituents and their interaction, the Wattsmix technical team can provide ready-mixed concrete designed on budget, on time and to meet the highest specifications your project will demand.

All of our concrete is kitemark accredited for quality assurance.

We have a network of concrete plants that are staffed by experienced personnel including batchers, dispatchers, drivers, sales representatives and quality control technicians that are dedicated to providing a first class service to all of our customers.

Concrete consists of the following main components:

• Cement
• Aggregate and Sand
• Water
• Admixtures
• Fibres
Admixtures are used to improve strength, durability and workability of concrete depending on the application.

Fibres are often added to concrete to increase strength and structural integrity. Fibres are short and uniformly distributed in a random orientation.

All Wattsmix concrete plants are certified to produce concrete to conform with the european concrete standard BSEN 206-1 and BS 8500 in addition to our IS quality compliance.

Wattsmix endeavour to source raw materials from the local area wherever possible, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

As key employers in the local community our highly trained operatives strive to produce a quality concrete which is produced to meet and exceed the specific requirements and to deliver high performance durability and longevity through its service life.



"A note of thanks – Watts performed marvellously on this pour for Wm Hare Ltd. I appreciate it is not always easy working on a job when the discharging of the concrete is dependent on the Client’s overhead cranes to shuttle the product to the job site.

Very pleased with quality of the concrete, the rate of delivery and Ian’s attitude to delays on site."


fast set/rapid hardening concrete
Wattsmix fast setting concrete incorporates specialised accelerating admixtures to deliver increased turnaround and productivity.
cemfloor liquid screed
Wattsmix are approved suppliers of Cemfloor flowing screed system
coloured concrete
Wattsmix offers a range of pigmented coloured concrete.
architectural concrete
Architectural concrete is designed to be more aesthetically pleasing compared with a basic concrete finish.
agricultural concrete
Wattsmix agricultural concrete mixes are specifically designed for use in the construction of farmyards, roadways, milking parlours and more
fibre reinforced concrete
Wattsmix produce a range of fibre reinforced concrete mixes that can be designed to exclude traditional steel reinforcement.
foamed concrete
Wattsmix Foamed Concrete is a lightweight, highly flowable, limited strength mix, specifically developed for void fill.
foundation concrete
Wattsmix Foundation concrete is specially designed concrete mix that has increased workability and a high degree of cohesiveness.
permeable concrete
Wattsmix permeable concrete is a fast-draining concrete paving blend.
high early strength concrete
Wattsmix have developed a range of High Early Strength Concrete mixes which are specifically designed to meet the demands of special situations.
polished concrete
Polished concrete floors are natural, highly energy efficient and sustainable compared with other types of flooring systems.
pumped concrete
Wattsmix manufacture a vast range of readymixed concrete mixes using a variety of combinations of cement, local aggregates, sand, water and admixtures.
spray applied/shot concrete
Wattsmix Shot concrete is a fairly dry mix, it is consolidated by force and develops strength similar to standard concrete.
watertight concrete
Wattsmix Watertight Concrete mix is a highly effective waterproof concrete formula.
diy readymix
Aimed at householders and builders merchants, we can deliver quality tested ready mixed concrete throughout Yorkshire.