Permeable Concrete

Wattsmix permeable concrete is a fast-draining concrete paving blend.

Wattsmix permeable concrete is a fast-draining concrete paving blend which is designed to rapidly percolate stormwater from driveways, streets and parking surfaces thus reducing long term maintenance for local authorities.

Also referred to as no-fines, porous or permeable concrete, this concrete uses the same raw materials as standard concrete except that the fine aggregate or sand is removed entirely.

Our mix design process using single sized coarse aggregate of 20, 14 or 10mm with strict control of the cement and water contents results in reduced particle packing potential with a stable void content that is highly porous. This in turn allows fast draining of surface/storm water directly back to the substrata or the sub base drainage system. The pervious concrete acts like a sieve that quickly absorbs and drains water away from saturated car parks, roadways, footpaths and civil engineering works making them safer and less prone to flooding or frost damage.

Pervious concrete can also be used as a lightweight infill or overlay material. The thermal conductivity is approximately half that of normal concrete, giving excellent insulation characteristics.

Our range of permeable concrete mixes are robust, user friendly and sustainable.

• Highly porous allows rapid surface water removal
• Reduces risk of flooding
• Reduces freeze/thaw attack
• Reduces the requirement for more expensive drainage systems
• Reduces maintenance costs for storm water management
• Is laid in a similar manner to standard concrete with no special equipment required

• Car parks
• Public areas
• Sports pitches
• Footpaths and driveways
• Sub bases and blinding layers
• Civil engineering structures
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