How Long Does Ready Mix Concrete Take to Set?

Ready mix concrete is convenient, easy to work with and delivers great results, but how long does it take to set? Well, when it comes to concrete setting times there is no solid answer. A variety of factors influence the setting time of concrete including air moisture, admixtures used and the concretes water content. In fact, scientifically speaking concrete actually continues to harden forever; for years and years after it is poured, tiny, microscopic bubbles within the concrete form bonds and thus it hardens further. These changes are not noticeable when it comes to the concrete in our environment but do happen nonetheless.
ready mixed concrete poured
The time in which ready mix concrete actually hardens is typically between 24 and 48 hours. However, concrete at this time is continuing to strengthen as the cement and water in the mix react and hydration occurs. Concrete doesn't actually reach 70% of full strength until a week later and full strength until around 28 days later.

48 hours after pouring, your concrete should be safe to walk on without leaving shoe prints behind. It is not recommended you drive on the concrete for at least a week or use any sort of heavy machinery until the concrete has been fully cured after 28 days.
ready mixed concrete path

Reducing and Increasing Set Time

In some cases, you may need your ready mix concrete to set faster or slower depending on your project specifications. In these cases, special admixtures can be blended into your concrete mix in precise, controlled quantities to manipulate the concrete's setting time.

At Wattsmix, we will discuss all your project demands before providing you with a quote. If you require a faster or slower setting time for your concrete our knowledgable team will discuss with you the most suitable options for your project. Our ready mix concrete is factory blended using certified quality systems. Admixtures are added as needed using precise, quality controlled measurements designed to your specification.