How Much is Ready Mix Concrete?

At Watts, we offer a wide range of concrete options, each blended to your specifications at our very own, quality controlled batching plant. Our quality assured ready mix concrete is no exception; factory mixed to your requirements, our ready mix helps you to meet project demands on time and to a high standard.
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Ready Mix Concrete Pricing

At Watts, we don't charge a flat rate for ready mix concrete as each batch is designed and blended to our specific customer demands. Instead, our customers will first discuss with us their project requirements. We consider project size, specifications and delivery options before advising on the best mix for our client. Once our client is happy with their chosen mix, we can then provide a quote at a competitive rate. Watts are also small load specialists and can deliver as much or as little concrete as is required (from 0.5m3) saving you on project costs and reducing waste.

Some firms may charge a flat rate for ready mix concrete such as 'X' amount per metre cubed. This is because their ready mix is not created to specific needs but is rather a standard mix that can be used for most general, low scale projects.
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What influences the Cost of Ready Mix Concrete?

The price of ready mix concrete may increase or decrease depending on a number of factors. These tend to include:


What additives are blended into the concrete mix? Additives or 'admixtures' are additional ingredients in a base concrete mix. Additives help to manipulate the properties of the concrete mix, making it more suitable for the project at hand. Examples include set retarding admixtures (helps to slow down the concrete setting process), air entrainment admixtures (helps to make concrete more workable) and anti shrinkage admixtures (stops shrinkage upon drying), to name a few.


As with all products, the quality of the ready mixed concrete will also highly influence the price. Cheap ingredients mean a cheap product but better quality cement, aggregates and admixtures will improve the products quality and drive up the price.


The amount of concrete required will of course influence the overall price. However, with most concrete manufacturers, the general price per m3 tends to decrease the larger quantity required.