Cattle Bedding Limestone

Stock thrives on Watts Premium high purity bedding lime for optimum bacteria control

W. Clifford Watts are suppliers of Bedding Lime for use in livestock stalls. Our high quality Bedding Lime is specially designed for dairy and beef livestock applications. The granules of high calcium limestone will inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria present in the stalls and can aid resistance to environmental mastitis whilst improving the PH value of farm effluents. In conjunction with routine removal of manure and waste food, the regular application of our Bedding Lime helps to keep cattle cleaner and drier.
Our clients see considerable reductions in their bedding costs when incorporationg Bedding Lime into their management system. The excellent absorption properties reduces odours, thereby saving on labour costs and improving the environment for the stock.
Also serves as a source of Aglime to crops when muck spreading.
We recommend for our Bedding Lime to be added to barns on a daily basis for optimum moisture absorption and bacteria control.
With temperatures predicted to increase, the routine usage of W. Clifford Watts’ Bedding Lime is widely recognised as an essential part of livestock husbandry.

* Bacteria control
* Helps to prevent environmental mastitis
* Raises PH of farm effluents
* Reduced labour
* Additional Aglime source when spreading slurry
* Highly absorbent
* Cost effective – improved margins.
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