What You Need To Know About Aggregates

What You Need To Know About Aggregates

Where Do Aggregates Come From?

There are two types of aggregates, quarried aggregates and recycled aggregates. Quarried aggregates are extracted straight from natural rock formations underground; this includes limestone, gravel, sand and chalk. Recycled aggregates come from other sources, where the materials used to create them would typically be cast of as waste material. At WATTS Group our recycled aggregates are typically sourced from demolition projects and made up of a range of various materials including clay, screened or unscreened soil, concrete and type one graded and hardcore tarmac. We sell a mixture of both quarried aggregates and recycled aggregates, and continue to support and protect our natural environment by encouraging the use of recycled materials when possible and supporting local land restoration opportunities.
Example of aggregates used on a garden path

What are aggregates used for?

Aggregates can be used for a variety of applications including garden landscaping, cattle bedding, agricultural purposes, concrete for sea defence structures and flood deterrents, and much more.

Washed Aggregates and Unwashed Aggregates – Why wash aggregates?

Whether you need washed or unwashed aggregates will depend on the purpose you intend to use them for. As quarried aggregates are sourced directly from the earth they are often mixed with other organic materials such as clay, sand and other dirt and debris. Washing the aggregates leaves a pure mixture, making washed aggregates perfect for mixing concrete or aesthetic purposes such as gardens or driveways. Unwashed aggregates and unscreened sand and gravels can also be great for garden landscaping too, depending on the look you’re going for. Unwashed aggregates are also perfect for filling soakaways, and other general fill purposes.

Decorative Aggregates

decorative aggregates in garden examples
If you’re in the market for aggregates for your garden or driveway, then we have a range of washed and unwashed aggregates in various sizes to help you create the garden of your dreams. Unwashed cobbles are perfect as decorative fill, and look particularly charming when added under potted plants. Gravel is excellent for filling in paths and walkways, and can be helpful in creating unique designs.