Uncovered Concrete Flooring in Your Home

Concrete is a versatile material. There are many types of concrete available, each for a multitude of uses. The use of concrete for flooring is typically seen in warehouses, factories and industrial buildings, but have you ever thought of installing concrete flooring in your home? Concrete can be an ideal choice for renovation projects, converted farm buildings or homes with a lot of floor space. However the use of concrete flooring shouldn’t stop there. Concrete floors can look really cool in small buildings too, including small homes, shops and cafes.

The Look of concrete

Concrete has an industrial/urban look, a look that is very in vogue at the moment, which is why you will see it used often in fashionable clothing shops, restaurants and cafes. However don’t be put off if the industrial look isn’t your thing, concrete can be surprisingly costly if you know what to pair it with.

The Type

Depending on both your personal preference, and your home’s functionality you will need to choose a concrete that suits you best. Polished concrete has a fantastic, visually appealing finish, it’s easy to clean and perfect for any room of the home. Our polished concrete is also available in a range of colours and polish finishes, allowing you to really customise its look. Watertight concrete is best for basements where damp could occur, or use in the bathroom such as a walk in shower. Cemfloor liquid screed is great for covering large areas at one time, and rapid hardening concrete is great for faster project turnaround.

The Room

Now you know more about the type of concrete appropriate for each application, you’ll have a better idea of where you may want to use it in your home. As we mentioned above, if you’re not a fan of the industrial or urban look, you can still have a concrete floor and have your room look cosy. We recommend adding lots of soft furnishings like blankets and pillows, as well as rugs in the most walked on areas. Concrete can also be a great material to use in walk in showers, especially if you want to use it for flooring too.
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