The Benefits of Dry Silo Mortar

What is dry silo mortar?

Dry silo mortar is a dry mortar mixture, contained and delivered in a silo. At the push of a button, the dry mixture is blended with water inside the silo, and as a result, new, ready to use mortar is produced whenever needed.

Why Choose Dry silo mortar?

Dry silo mortar is a convenient, time, labour and cost effective solution for a multitude of building projects. The mortar is delivered and poured directly from the silo. The consistency of the mortar produced can be altered easily to match the needs of various projects. At Wattsmix we also offer a range of coloured mortar options, enabling the project manager to completely meet requirements and expectations of the design brief.

What are the benefits of dry silo mortar over other, more traditional methods?

Little to no waste

Traditional methods of mixing mortar on site usually result in over mixing, thus leaving waste. As the silo delivers mortar at the touch of a button, this allows the user to pour as much or as little as needed, leaving little waste.

Time and Labour saving

No manual mixing or daily mortar deliveries mean time is saved, and the more time saved will result a faster turnaround on project times.

Cost efficient

A reduction in waste, deliveries, mixing equipment, on site truck movements and labour all help to produce cost efficient projects.

Small site Footprint

Thanks to the silo’s efficient and quality controlled delivery method , the mortar is poured directly into the required vessel, whether this is a small bucket or an entire large tub, helping to keep your worksite clean and tidy.

Mobile Site Technicians or Onsite Training

Our wattsmix silos are incredibly easy to operate. However, if your team requires assistance in setting up the silo, or would like one of the wattsmix team members to operate the silo for you, we are happy to do so.
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Wattsmix Dry Silo Mortar offers far ranging benefits compared to traditional methods of producing and delivering mortar.