The Benefits of Concrete Beam & Block Flooring

Beam and block is a modern flooring system used to create suspended floors. Compared to traditional flooring systems beam and block flooring offers many benefits and so is used often in modern structures. Beam and block floors are me up of t inverted shaped beams and concrete blocks. The beams are bridged across the internal structure and supported by the perimeter and load bearing walls. The concrete blocks are then slotted between the t beams creating a flat, solid base.
2 examples of concrete floor joists/concrete floor beams

Why Choose Beam and Block Flooring?

Economical & Fast

The concrete joists used to create beam and block floors are precast to a required length and depth. This allows the floor to be installed immediately upon delivery: no cutting is required. This method of flooring is also easy and quick to install. Beam and block floors can be assembled in most mild weather conditions too, making project deadlines easier to achieve. These savings on labour intensity and time will help to reduce overall project costs.

Little Site Preparation Required

In comparison to other types of oversite, little preparation is required when it comes to beam and block flooring. As this system creates a suspended floor, the excavation required is minimal.

Helps to Reduce Project Footprint

Concrete beam and block systems help to reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings dwelling. Once installed this type of system also provides effective thermal insulation.

Safe & Silent

Concrete is a highly fire resistant and strong material, so naturally it makes an excellent choice for flooring. Compared to timber joists, concrete beams are much more resistant to fire, rot, mould and vermin. In addition concrete joists will not distort in shape over time, which is what creates the irritating squeaking/creaking noise in wooden floor systems.

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