Sustainability in Architecture and Construction

Flick through any architecture magazine or scroll through any architect’s blog and you’ll notice the term ‘sustainability’ frequently make an appearance. In today’s environmentally conscious world architects are under constant pressure to ensure their designs can be created in the most economically mindful way. This means using sustainable building materials, buying from responsible, local sources and causing little environmental disruption (to name a few).
recycled aggregates - 10mm to5mm
For an architect, ensuring a project is sustainable is not always a welcome challenge. Some architects see it is as a cap on their, whilst others have taken on the trend and used it as an opportunity to showcase their creative, forward thinking skills.

Why Sustainability in Architecture & Construction is So Important

Whilst the importance of sustainability is understood by most today, in the days of yesteryear this was not the case. Unfortunately this means many of the buildings we see today were constructed within a time period that didn’t consider the demand on resources, the environment or the planet. This makes it more important than ever that we continue to construct in ways which are not only sustainable but give back to the environment too.

How Watts Can Help - Recycled Aggregates, Responsible Waste Management & More

Our recycling service allows construction sites to rid waste in an economical way. As a business within the construction industry we take recycling very seriously. We consider recycling to be an essential part of waste management, and aim to generate as much recycled product as possible. We supply a range of recycled aggregates to the construction industry including clay, soil, concrete (crushed, type 1 graded) and tarmac planings/scalpings. The materials for our recycled aggregates typically come from our demolition projects and are recycled at one of our centres or on our site.