Spring Garden Inspiration

For many of us gardening isn’t a priority, especially during the colder months of the year. As we enter further into spring, however, it becomes more difficult to turn a blind eye to our neglected gardens, especially as we begin to spend more time in them. If your garden is looking a little lacklustre, let our ideas below inspire you to give your garden the TLC it needs.
Use Mixed Materials

Incorporating various landscaping materials into your garden creates visual interest. In contrast, covering your entire garden with one material such as grass, decking on concrete can make it look dull. Using mixed materials is an effective technique which works for both large and small gardens. In large gardens, it can help to anchor open space and guide the eye to a focal point. For smaller gardens, using mixed materials effectively creates a look that is organic, yet still neat and tidy. A simple, yet effective landscaping technique can be to add some large landscaping rocks around the perimeter of your garden. Another is to add gravel borders to grass, paths and soil patches. Small details such as this can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of your garden.
Landscaping boulders
gravel in garden
Just add Water

There are many reasons to incorporate water into your garden. Whether it’s in the form of a pond or a fountain, both running and still water can give a garden a tranquil feel and a natural look. If you want to introduce a water feature into your own garden, this can be done in many ways. However, there’s no need to splash out on an expensive fountain or make excavation plans for a pond; incorporating water can be as simple as a adding a bird bath!
garden fountain
garden fountain
Don’t be Afraid to Add Plant Life

Brown thumb or not… don’t shy away from plant life, a plant-less garden is a lifeless garden! Remember, there are many tenacious plant species which will survive even the most neglectful2 owners. Flowering plants such as Hydrangeas and coneflowers are vivid in colour and won’t mind if you forget about them for a while. Succulent plants are also ideal for filling awkward spaces such as gaps in gravel or the side of paths. Succulents are designed to live in harsh conditions where water is scarce so will forgive you for forgetting to water them too. Just be sure not to over water your succulents as this can harm them.
succulents and gravel
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