Prestressed Concrete Panels Uses, Benefits and More

Prestressed concrete is a special concrete formulation. It is designed for products which are certain to undergo tensile stress during their lifetime, whether this is as part of a structure or a freestanding wall. Our prestressed concrete is a quality assured mix, developed on site at our own batching plant.

Prestressed Concrete Panel Uses

Prestressed concrete panels are a highly versatile building product and can be used for various applications. One of the main uses of prestressed concrete panels is retaining walls. Thanks to their easy manoeuvrability, prestressed concrete panels can be used to quickly create a strong, capable retaining wall. Prestressed concrete panels are also often used for storage bays: prestressed concrete is an ideal material for such applications as storage bays and grain stores often undergo excess stress when being filled, emptied or stirred.

The Benefits of Prestressed Concrete Panels

Prestressed concrete panels allow fast and easy structure installation and the option to relocate if required. At Watts, our concrete panels feature lifting anchors to make moving and installing your structure incredibly easy. In contrast to standard concrete panels, prestressed panels offer peace of mind; built to withstand daily stressors, you can be sure prestressed panels will not warp or buckle under force. Prestressed panels can be installed horizontally or vertically, including between steel columns.

For more information on prestressed concrete panels or to enquire about an order today, please visit our prestressed concrete panels page. We supply panels in a variety of lengths and thicknesses and can make custom panels if necessary. All our prestressed concrete products conform to British standards, BS8500 and are UKAS approved.