Freshen up Your Garden Look with Aggregates

Outdoor dining

During the summer months many of us like to make the most of the warm weather by dining alfresco. However if your garden is neglected year round, then by summer time, it may be in need of a pick me up. Aggregates are a time and cost efficient way to boost the appearance of your garden dining area. Aggregates can quickly and easily cover unsightly outdoor flooring, creating a neat and put together appearance. We recommend using small aggregates for this, as dining furniture can easily sit on top. Aggregates can also help to separate the dining area from the rest of the garden. Create a small, narrow channel around your dining area and use large, washed aggregates to fill it, for a look that will be sure to impress.


Aggregates look great between flagstones, but can also be used to create pathways by themselves. Both large and small aggregates can be used to fill in the spaces between flags. Large aggregates help to keep small gardens looking tidy and neat. Small aggregate stones look great in larger spaces, particularly when used between round flagstones. If you have a large garden, use a mixture of larger and smaller round flagstones and play around with the order, fill in the spaces with small to medium size aggregates such as these to give your garden an added interesting dimension.


If you like to fill your garden with plant life, aggregates can be a great way to draw attention to the areas you enjoy the most. For a fresh, modern look, try placing some chunky plant pots, on top of a bed of aggregates such as our decorative aggregates or our 20-10mm recycled gravel aggregates. Aggregates such as cobbles, can be placed under garden trees over the top of soil to help give your garden a more contemporary feel too.