Coloured Mortar

At wattsmix, we have an extensive range of coloured mortar. Coloured mortarallows architects to be even more creative within their designs, and builders to experiment with exciting and unique ideas. Whatever size and scale of a building project, coloured mortar can be incorporated. Coloured mortar can be used throughout an entire structure or used to highlight one area.

Choosing your Mortar colour

Coloured mortar can be used to create a sleek and uniform effect, or a striking contrast. The right colour can also help to complement the colours of a buildings surrounding landscape, or offset the colours within the brick.

In order for the finished result to look good, choosing a coloured mortar requires some careful consideration and planning. Coloured mortar really is a great product, and can be used to create stunning results. However just because you may like a certain colour, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good with your chosen brick, or your finished structure’s surroundings. Think about how your mortar is going to pick up the colours in the brick. For example, if you want your structure to have more of a subtle feel choose a mortar colour that is similar to your brick. If you want to make a statement, a contrasting colour is the way to go.

Coloured Mortar Matching Service

We want you to have 100% product satisfaction, which is why we offer a colour matching service. Our technical team will be happy to help you select the right mortar colour or colours for your project. For more information on this service please give our technical team a call on 01262 675 383.
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