Choosing the Best Mortar for a Project

Whether you’re taking on a home project or overseeing the development something much larger, the right mortar is important. Mortar not only comes in a variety of consistencies and colours but a variety of delivery methods too. Each delivery method offers its own benefits, and you will find one particular method suits a particular project better than another. For example, large scale residential or commercial projects may benefit from using dry silo mortar. Dry silo mortar is delivered and mixed within the silo itself. The cement is kept dry inside the silo, and automatically mixed with a proportionate amount of water to create mortar on demand when required. This is a popular option for large scale projects as it saves on both labour and delivery costs.

Dry Bagged Mortar

Dry bagged mortar is a great option for home or commercial projects. Dry bagged mortar can be delivered to the worksite at any stage of the project. The waterproof packaging gives the mortar a long shelf life and can be kept on site until required.

Ready to Use Mortar

Like dry silo mortar, ready to use mortar is excellent at saving on labour costs and time. Our ready to use mortar can be delivered at short notice and so is great for helping to meet project deadlines.

Coloured Mortar

Coloured mortar allows architects, builders and homeowners to be extra creative with project ideas. Home extensions in particular often require a custom mortar colour in order to complement or match the existing architecture. If you require a specific mortar colour then our colour matching service can help you achieve the look you want.

If you would like any advice on choosing a mortar please don’t hesitate to get in touch.