Choosing the Best Concrete for a Project

Choosing the correct materials for the job is an integral part of any construction project. However small or large the project may be it is vital that the materials and components used are able to withstand the stressors of their environment. In addition to being robust, materials must also meet the demands of the project brief and serve their purpose throughout the lifetime of the structure. Project overseers and planners are often tempted to cut overall costs by choosing poor quality materials which are unfit for purpose. However, when it comes to construction, material quality is one thing you certainly don’t want to skimp on.

Choosing the Right Concrete for The Job

Fast setting concrete or ‘rapid hardening concrete’ is a special mix designed to help produce a more efficient working environment and faster project turnaround. Created using special admixtures the complete set time of fast setting concrete is greatly reduced compared to a standard concrete mix. The quick set time helps to save on labour and improve the speed of the overall project without reducing the quality of the work produced.
fast setting concrete
Cemfloor is a flowing liquid floor screed system designed for the rapid instalment of concrete floors. Cemfloor can be left uncovered and polished for a modern look that is highly functional. Alternately, you may choose to cover the floor screed with timber, tile or vinyl. As it is extremely fast to apply cemfloor is an ideal floor covering for large surface areas such as factory and warehouse floors, schools, commercial buildings or even domestic flooring. Cemfloor is also suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.
concrete floor screed cemfloor
Coloured concrete is most often used to create aesthetically pleasing, functional structures. Our coloured concrete mixes are highly versatile and can be used to meet the demands of a wide range of project briefs. In addition to being extremely robust and durable our coloured concrete can be tailored to meet your specific colour needs. We also offer a unique colour matching service for complete customer satisfaction.
Like coloured concrete, architectural concrete or 'decorative concrete' allows architects to create durable, yet visually pleasing structures. Architectural concrete may sometimes be referred to as fair faced finish concrete, visual concrete or decorative concrete by those in the industry. Our architectural concrete is a cement rich mix created to produce a consistent visually pleasing finish. Architectural concrete is suited to any project seeking elements of modern architectural décor such as schools, offices, showrooms and more.
decorative concrete on building
Created using synthetic or steel fibres, fibre reinforced concrete is a high strength mix. As the name suggests the fibre admixtures reinforce the strength of the concrete to better it’s resistance to impact, corrosion and abrasion. Depending on the project requirements the fibre reinforced concrete mix can be adjusted in order to better adhere to the needs of the brief.
decorative concrete on building