Cemfloor Liquid Screed - The Ideal Floor Screed Solution

What is Cemfloor?

Cemfloor is a flowing screed system. Cemfloor is suitable as a covering for underfloor heating systems and under timber, tile and vinyl coverings. Alternatively Cemfloor can be left uncovered and polished.

The Advantages of Cemfloor

Using a Cemfloor system allows for easy installation that’s up to 10 times faster than traditional sand/cement screeding methods. Not only will Cemfloor save you time, but labour too; Cemfloor is both self compacting and self levelling. There is no need for levelling tools as the screed is pumped to a set height, suitable for the arranged application. Cemfloor simply requires dappling and spraying only. The self compacting property of Cemfloor makes it ideal for use with under floor heating systems, as there are no voids or pockets in place to reduce thermal conductivity

In just 24 hours of application, light traffic can pass over the screed. Once fully dry the final floor covering can be laid directly onto the screed. Thanks to the precise formulation of Cemfloor screed there is no laitance and therefore no need for sanding. However, you will need to remove any dust, dirt or other contaminations that may have settled on the screed during its curing process. You’ll also find that with cemfloor there is no cracking, curling or shrinkage.

Cemfloor Applications

Thanks to its easy and quick application Cemfloor is ideal as a floor covering for large surface areas such as warehouses, showrooms, schools, colleges and commercial interiors. However, Cemfloor isn’t only suited to large areas, it can be just as easily applied on domestic floors. As mentioned above, cemfloor is perfect as a covering for underfloor heating systems, such as those in domestic bathrooms and kitchens.
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