7 stylish Ways to Use Concrete in the Home

While concrete is an incredibly useful material, it’s uses are mainly associated with creating large scale, robust structures: from houses and public buildings to swimming pools and skyscrapers. However concrete’s uses don’t have to be limited to grand scale designs and projects, concrete can be just as practical and stylish inside our homes. At Watts Mix, we are able to create a range of bespoke concrete products, and can provide you with all the material you need to get to work on your own concrete projects. Below we have created a list of used for concrete inside the home to inspire you into thinking outside the box!

Concrete walls

Concrete is a versatile material and can be used for a range of projects and crafted with a range of finishes from matt to glossy. Concrete can make a beautiful covering for interior walls, or used create solid walls itself. Concrete is of course a material crafted from natural rock, and so can add a very organic feel to an interior. We recommend concrete walls in the bathroom or kitchen, as they can look particularly striking when paired with metallic finishes such as chrome, copper, brass, silver and gold, which are all common in these rooms of the home.

Concrete basins, bathtubs and showers

As we mentioned above, concrete looks excellent when paired with metallic and reflective surfaces; the juxtaposition of concrete’s organic, raw look and texture against shiny taps, mirrors and glass gives a room a really beautiful look, and so is an ideal material for use in the bathroom, be it a basin, a bathtub or a shower.

Concrete countertops

Look on any home interior blog and you’re likely to come across images of large, luxurious kitchens including sleek, shiny concrete countertops. Both polished and unpolished concrete can be an ideal material for work surfaces in the kitchen. Concrete, particularly polished concrete is easy to keep clean, and looks super stylish in the kitchen!

Concrete desks

Uncoloured concrete has a charming subtle grey colour which is ideal for a professional working environment such as a study or home office. If you fancy swapping your flat pack office furniture for a more sophisticated, mature office look consider a concrete desk.

Concrete coffee tables

Just as the juxtaposition of concrete and shiny surfaces look great together, the raw, organic look of concrete can also work really well when paired with soft furnishings like rugs, sofa cushions, curtains and throw pillows. Concrete coffee tables are very on trend at the moment, and make great functional accessories for any size living room. Concrete side tables can also make for charming pieces of furniture either to match your concrete coffee table, or on their own.

Concrete dining tables

The use of concrete in the dining room or kitchen can help to create the perfect dining atmosphere. To create the ultimate inviting dining room, add warm toned accessories and cosy textures like chair cushions and rugs to offset the cool, natural feel off your concrete dining table. Add some plant life to bring a fresh feel, and enjoy your dining room for years to come.

Concrete seating

Mention the word concrete, and the last thing people usually think of is comfort, however Concrete can be an excellent material for built in garden furniture, and can also function as indoor seating too. We wouldn’t recommend you swap your sofa for a concrete version any time soon, but a thoughtfully placed concrete bench or chair topped with thickly padded cushions can add a truly cosy element to an interior. When it comes to outdoor furniture, concrete will stand the test of time. Concrete can be a very practical material for a garden lounge chair or sofa; of course you will have to add cushioning on top, but this can be easily stored indoors when not in use.
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