5 tips for Making Your Outdoor Space Look Great on a Budget

Make the most of the summer with our 5 tips on helping you get your outdoor space looking modern, clean and stylish without splashing the cash.

Don’t buy New

From plant pots to garden furniture and everything in between you may be surprised to discover just how many great quality garden items you can find, simply by doing a little digging. We’re not just talking about hunting through your local charity shop either, nowadays there are so many ways to discover great quality second hand products, sometimes even for free! Use the web to your advantage and search sites like the Freecycle network, online market places like Ebay and Gumtree, Instagram stores, car boot sales and Facebook market place before shopping the high street.
hanging garden chair

If you’re looking at your disheveled old garden furniture and broken plant pots and thinking ‘I can’t possibly do anything with this’ then think again. There are hundreds of ways to revamp used and even broken garden furniture and decorations, all it takes is a little bit of inspiration and creativity. Sometimes a quick sand and a lick of paint is all that’s needed to bring an old garden bench back to life, but if you have furniture that is past the point of repair, you can always repurpose it to create something new. For example, an old wooden chair makes a great plant stand, a bench with the legs and seat removed makes a rustic and unique planter and even broken plant pots can be used to create a decorative mosaic piece. Depending on what you’re working with, you may want to explore the web for some inspiration, you’d be surprised at what beautiful items other gardeners and landscape artists can create with what some might consider ‘junk’.
tyre plant pot
Use Lighting to Your Advantage

A well lit garden can make a huge difference to its look and how you use the space. For a romantic atmosphere in a rustic setting choose low level, dim lights like solar powered torches and floor lamps. Citronella Candles are also a great way to light an outdoor dining table whilst simultaneously warding off insects. String lights are also a fantastic way to give your garden a face lift without spending much cash. Use them anywhere you want to add a bit of twinkly magic: they look great when hung on a gazebo or pergola as well as climbing up a wall trellis and intertwined with climbing plants. If your garden is looking a little dull, coloured lights will add a bit of brightness and charm without being overpowering.
String Lights
Play Around with Height to Create Visual Interest

Take your garden decoration up a notch and think outside the box. Don’t just stick a bird bath on the grass and call it a day, use your imagination! Utilize your space and try to add a little bit of something interesting at every height, from the ground to the tree branches. Wall decorations and climbing plants can be used to transform boring walls into works of art (remember tip no.1 when it comes to decorations). Garlands and hanging decorations are great ways to beautify anything up high, whether it’s the branches of a tree or the roof of a gazebo. Finally, use small colourful decorations to add interest to the floor level. This could be as simple as a brightly painted plant pot or an old watering can.

If you have a patio space that looks a bit bare, an outdoor rug will give it some warmth and character. Contrary to what most may think, outdoor rugs can be fairly inexpensive, starting at around £10.
watering can plant pot in tree
Conceal any Eyesores

Rubbish bins, recycling boxes, garden tools, outdoor appliances… all these eyesores can make you garden look untidy when left bare and distract from whatever ‘look’ you want to achieve. One of the wisest ways to spend cash when upgrading your outdoor space is on proper storage. Bins and recycling trays can be hidden behind a simple garden screen. If your tools and appliances have no proper home, invest in a garden storage box to keep them safe and dry when not in use and make your garden look neat and tidy.
garden eyesores