5 Reasons to Choose Dry Silo Mortar

Dry silo mortar is a modern and efficient mortar production method. Compared to traditional mortar mixing and delivery methods, dry silo mortar is a far more beneficial solution.
dry silo mortar
Labour Saving

Using dry silo mortar means no measuring, pouring or mixing. Instead, controlled consistencies of mortar are delivered form the silo at a touch of a button.

Time Saving

Thanks to its efficiency and speed, dry silo mortar can help you to stay on target and meet important project deadlines.

mortar mixing with cross throughEconomical

With dry silo mortar, no mortar is wasted. Whenever needed, the silo will discharge the amount of mortar required, no matter how little or how much. Our silos are set up to ensure your mortar mix is also consistent with every pour.

Environmentally Friendly

Our silos produce very little noise emissions. Furthermore, as all the mixing is done inside the silo, this also helps to keep your production site tidy and safe.

Only one mortar delivery is required when using a silo which eliminates the need for multiple mortar deliveries thus saving on fuel and delivery costs.


Whatever your requirements, we are able to create a mortar mix that is not only suitable but ideal for your project. As well as a variety of mortar classifications, we also offer a range of colours to choose from. Our silos will mix and pour your chosen mix for you and deliver it at the touch of a button. Our silos offer guaranteed mix proportions, so there’s no need to work the mortar once delivered.

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