5 Interesting Facts you May Not Know About Concrete

Think concrete is boring? Think again. Believe It or not, this building material harbours some very interesting facts, Let’s explore some below:

The Earliest Concrete-Like Substance was invented in 1300BC

Concretes precursor was actually burned-limestone. Middle-eastern builders would use the substance to coat their clay fortresses, where it would then create a chemical reaction with the air and harden.

Ancient Romans Loved Concrete

The ancient Romans were the first people to make concrete their preferred building material. Romans used concrete in most of their structures, using a mixture of volcanic ash, lime and seawater. Romans even used animal derived admixtures in their concrete mixtures to give their concrete certain properties such as frost resistance and added strength.

Concrete and Cement are two Different Materials

Contrary to what many believe, concrete and cement are two completely different materials. Cement is a powdery substance and actually a main ingredient in cement. The main ingredient in cement is lime. So next time you see a sign for ‘wet cement’ what you’re actually looking at is wet concrete.

Concrete is the World's Most Used Building Material

Worldwide, concrete is the most extensively used building material and its production is said to be responsible of approximately 5% of global CO2 production. Because of this, many manufacturers are looking into new, innovative ways to make its manufacture more environmentally friendly. The Watts Company, for example, source raw materials from local areas where possible and use recycled aggregates in the concrete mixes.

There are Around 24 Popular Types of Concrete

Being an extremely versatile material, the uses of concrete are widespread and varied throughout the construction industry. Typically, there are around 24 types of concrete, from decorative concrete for aesthetic purposes to high strength concrete for structural integrity and everything in-between.