4 Landscaping Trends to watch out for in 2018

Mixing the old with the new

Your garden doesn’t need to undergo a complete makeover to be on trend in 2018. You may have noticed ‘maximalism’ is a trend that’s taking over at the moment, which as all about embracing excess. You can do this yourself by introducing new textures into your garden, alongside the textures already present. For example, if your garden is already home to worn concrete flags, why not add a fresh concrete element, such as a concrete fire pit. At wattsmix we can create a range of bespoke concrete products on request.

Embracing colour

Gone is the minimalist look of 2017, 2018 welcomes and invites you to embrace colour. Colour in your garden doesn’t have to be limited to your plant life however, why not try coloured concrete? Concrete is a versatile material that’s excellent for use on a multitude of applications, including flooring, walls and bespoke structures. A coloured concrete path is a great place to start if you want to introduce a pop of colour into your garden. We can create a range of custom concrete colours and flooring designs to suit your needs.

Playing with Light

Lighting can make our break your gardens atmosphere. The colour of light, where it is placed and the harshness of it all play a part in creating the right setting for all the different activities your garden hosts, including dining, relaxing and entertaining. There is no right or wrong way to light up your garden, just experiment with different lighting options until you find one that you think creates the right mood.

Playful Vibes

Whether you have children or not, the garden is a place where we’ve all enjoyed playtime at some point in our lives. This 2018 it’s time to embrace the inner child in all of us and throw those clean cut, sensible landscaping plans out the window. Don’t be afraid to add contrasting textures and colour into your garden. Add fun design elements and unique plant life. Water features, decorative ornaments, winding paths, archways and tunnels are all interesting and fun features that can be incorporated into any garden.
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