3 Creative Ways to use Coloured Concrete in the Home

Who ever said concrete was boring? There are endless ways to use coloured concrete to create fun and exciting architectural features, home decorations and more. Read on to find out how.

Why Coloured Concrete?

Whilst industrial style décor is a popular trend of the moment, some find its look to be a little hostile. However, you can still nail the industrial trend and keep your home feeling cosy, simply by making a few changes to the materials you use. Concrete and metallic’s are musts if you want to get the look just right but by swapping classic grey concrete for coloured concrete you can get the industrial look you want whilst still making your space feel warm and inviting.

Choosing a concrete colour


Blues and Greens

Opting for colours on the cooler side of the colour wheel such as blue or green will be sure to complement warmer metallics such as copper or gold. The contrast in colours will give your interior some depth and allow the metallic’s to pop.
blue concrete

Oranges and Reds

Choosing concrete in warmer colours like red and orange can help to amp up the cosy vibe without throwing the industrial look off balance. Warm coloured concrete is ideal paired with cast iron and wood, two materials which are extremely prominent in industrial décor.
red concrete

Coloured Concrete Basins

Concrete basins are a fantastic way to introduce the industrial trend into your home and play around with colour at the same time. Cast concrete basins are not only practical and durable but sleek too. If you want to turn your kitchen or bathroom sink into a feature choose a rich colour that contrasts with, but flatters the surrounding colour scheme. Alternatively if you would prefer your sink to blend in more seamlessly opt for a more subtle coloured concrete similar to that of your cabinets or countertops.

Coloured Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops have increased in popularity over recent years, both because of their functionality and appearance. Scour any popular home décor blog and you are likely to find a post on how to achieve the concrete counter top look using various painting techniques. Yet, whilst faux concrete countertops can look almost as good as the real thing, genuine concrete worktops are far more enduring.
concrete worktop

Concrete lighting

A more subtle way to introduce concrete into your home is via lighting. Concrete light features such as pendant lights, bedside lamps and floor lamps make for great functional accessories that are entirely on-trend.
concrete lights