Quarried aggregates are made from materials created thousands of years ago which is extracted from the ground then crushed, screened and/or washed to produce the required grading.

There is a network of quarries throughout the UK producing various quarried aggregates to satisfy demand.

Geographical location may affect the type, appearance and grading of quarried aggregates on offer due to variations in regional geology. As a rule of thumb, quarried aggregates are more expensive than recycled aggregates but are generally more aesthetically pleasing.

Aggregates are a fundamental ingredient in the formulation of ready mixed concrete, asphalt and mortar. Accounting for approximately 60 – 75% of ready mixed concrete’s volume, the composition of aggregates directly affects concrete’s freshly mixed and hardened properties.

Concrete’s strength, resistance to water, heat resistance and even its finished appearance can all be influenced by aggregates.

W. Clifford Watts was established back in 1937. This family business now has a history of three generations and is a key employer in the Yorkshire area. With a strong sustainability ethos, we strive to strike a balance between the demand for raw materials and protecting our natural environment by supporting local community land restoration opportunities and encouraging the use of recycled materials wherever possible.

Our network of three active quarries provides high quality aggregates to the construction industry across Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.



agricultural lime
Our Aglime has long term benefits target PH = Higher profits.
rock salt
Helps clear snow and prevent ice from forming.
cattle bedding limestone
Stock thrives on Watts Premium high purity bedding lime for optimum bacteria control
gabion stone
Sourced from our Whitewall Quarry quarry, our gabion stone is commonly used as the fill material for gabion baskets.